The next-generation platform for BIM Management

planBIM is a cloud-based app for managing and implementing BIM on any project. It can be accessed on the web, on mobile or even right inside your favorite BIM tools like Revit!


Scope Definition


Knowledge Documentation


Files Management


Content Standardization


Tracking & Coordination

Define Scope of work, Company roles and LOD standards for geometry, information & accuracy

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    LOD 100

    Represented as a 2D Symbol in plan, or a 3D block, not meeting the criteria set forth for LOD 200.

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    LOD 200

    3D Block geometry for the element to match overall size

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    LOD 300

    Element depicting sufficiently detailed geometry with different Materials and Layers if required, to convey design intent.

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    LOD 400

    Element to match the exact geometry and materials as specified. This information may be used for fabrication/installation/construction.

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    LOD 500

    Geometrical requirement matching LOD 200/300/400. All dimensions as specified in LOD 200/300/400 to be site verified, and should be developed from as-built specifications

Collaborate on all your BIM Execution Plans and other important Docs directly on the cloud

Using planBIM, teams can collaborate on documents like BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) while keeping everyone on the same page

A visual and collaborative Common Data Environment to manage files

A completely new approach to BIM files management


planBIM has a host of features useful right from the start through the lifecycle of any project

Tasks Tracking

BIM Execution Plans

Granular user permissions

LOD Specification

Model Progression Matrix

Track RFIs

Issue Management

Document Revisions & History

Live Document Editing

PDF & Excel exports

Common Data Environment

Families management in Revit

BIM ROI Calculation

Model Breakdown Structure

View BIM files online

Intra & Inter Company collaboration

File sharing workflows

Cloud based BIM Object Management


planBIM is constantly evolving and we're working hard to bring newer features every day. planBIM's agility is proven by the fact that it's available for all major platforms that your team may use, including Native BIM software like Revit.
It is slated to be one of its kind tools in the AEC domain, which we're working hard to connect to other familiar apps you use, including some common data environments.

Ever thought there could be a better way to create BEPs?

There is. With an upcoming module of planBIM, you and your team can create live BIM Execution Plans, Employer's Information Requirements and many other documents, effortlessly.

Lost among piles of drawings, models and other documents?

Files could be managed in a more visual and intuitive manner using planBIM. And it doesn't mean you have to switch from your preferred CDE or even from your local server. Our Files Map module launches soon.

planBIM is developed by BIM enthusiasts from around the world.

We're a team of passionate engineers and designers developing modern and easy to use software. We're working closely with veterans in the AEC industry to develop tools which will help plan BIM in a better way. Interested in talking to us?