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The Doc’s module is a documentation tool that has been developed, keeping in mind the construction industry.

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Building Information Modelling, also known as BIM has become an increasingly important tool for the construction industry, allowing us to involve clients, collaborators and the other stakeholders in the design and creation of structures from the very earliest stages, thus helping us in saving time and money and as well as helping in ensuring that the finished development satisfies everyone.

Thus to implement BIM in a project efficiently, we need to plan and manage our digital construction process in an organised manner, and this is where planBIM begins. planBIM is an easy to use cloud-based platform that can be your ideal companion for BIM implementation. planBIM offers five modules, i.e., the scoper, docs, file, content and tracker modules. These modules have been developed by taking suggestions from the various professionals working in the BIM domain. In this blog, we will be discussing Doc’s Module that planBIM offers.

The Doc’s module is a documentation tool that has been developed, keeping in mind the construction industry. BIM Execution Plans (BEPs), Exchange Information Requirements (EIRs), Asset Information Requirements (AIRs), etc. are some of the most important documents required during the entire modelling process right from the start. With the Doc’s module, you have an option to create this, and these documents can be accessed and viewed by all the team members working on the project.

Doc's Module Dashboard

The document can be divided into multiple sections for various topics, and these sections can also be grouped as subsections under a section. There is also a simple user interface for the approval workflow, which is designed for the Docs module. You can mark a section or a subsection as In-Progress, In-Review, Approved or Rejected as required.

Doc's Module Interface
Approval Workflow

You also have an option to manage the collaborators such as managers and editors who will be having access to the draft section of the document and can edit it. Since this is a cloud-based document, multiple people working in different companies can access this document from various locations and make changes or view and collaborate at the same time. There is also an option on the right where people can comment about the document or have discussions, and this will help in increasing the efficiency of collaboration between the different members working on the project.

Manage Collaborators Tab
Comment Section

There is also an option for a one-click Import of documents that are already in use from Excel, Word or other standards tools. You can also retain formatting and other features of this document and easily save them as templates and re-use it in your future projects.

We have also provided an option, where you can insert dynamic content such as powerpoints, youtube videos, etc. which will help in quickly conveying the idea about the document. You can embed or integrate files from multiple sources such as Microsoft-  word, excel PowerPoint, Google- slides, sheets, docs, forms and much more.

Embedded Dynamic Content

The next feature that planBIM’s Doc module has is the Version Control and Revision history. You can easily publish a new version or update the document and all the members accessing it will be viewing the latest published version in real-time. You can also publish an entire section or even just a subsection as per your requirements. And if things go wrong you always have an option to restore the previously published document from your cloud. Finally, you can convert the documents into simple Pdf formats which can be sent to someone who is not part of the project if required.

Revision History

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Therefore to conclude, handling the construction or the modelling documents has always been a tedious task, and the Doc’s module in planBIM will help you overcome this. It has been developed keeping in focus, to minimise most of the difficulties faced by the professionals working in our industry. The Docs module is a new generation tool which will help in enhancing the workflow and collaborations between the multiple stakeholders working in your project. For further information, you can contact!


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